Robert Rønnes

Bassoonist and Composer

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Robert Rønnes


Studied bassoon with K. Bjærke and T. Nedberg at the Norwegian State Academy of Music

and with R. Birnstingl at "Conservatoire de musique de Geneve" in Switzerland.

He continued his studies with G. Brooke in London and V. Popov in Moscow.

Since 1981 he has been the principal bassoonist of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra,

a position he also held for a period in 1988 with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Rønnes was the first Norwegian Bassoonist to receive support from NorConcert - the Concert Institute of Norway -

for his début concert at the University Aula in Oslo in 1985, which received excellent critical acclaim.

Rønnes has established himself as a highly regarded chamber musician and as an ardent advocate of Norwegian contemporary music.

Several Norwegian composers have dedicated works to him, which have resulted in several CD-recordings.

He is in much demand as a soloist in Europe, Russia, China and USA.

He has given bassoon masterclasses in several music universities in Scandinavia,

France , China and Russia ( Tschaikowsky - Conservatory, Moscow.)

In addition to his career as a musician Rønnes works as a composer and is a member of the Society of Norwegian Composers.

His works have been performed in many countries around the world and are constantly attracting a wider audience.

He has received several commissions funded through the Norwegian Cultural Council.

From 1980 and up to now Rønnes have restored about 30 works from different composers.

His major projects has been restorations of works by Harald Saeverud (from 1980-2000) partly together with the composer

and Arvid Kleven (2000-2005) which have resultet in several CD recordings by

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra at the CD label BIS.

Since August 2006, he has been appointed main lecturer in bassoon at

The Norwegian Academy Of Music, Oslo.

Since May 2007 he was awarded the

Governments Grants and Guarantee

Income for Artists for 2 years.

Rønnes will do research in Norwegian music for bassoon by

restoring and performing forgotten music for bassoon.

From August 2009. he went back to his position as solo bassoonist

in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.


Works by Robert Rønnes

is published by the following music publishers:


Address: Robert Rønnes

Erika Nissens vei 15

4023 Stavanger Norway




Address: Bodo Koenigsbeck

Guffertstraße 18a

83627 Warngau


Tel.: (++49) 08021-506646 Fax: (++49) 08021-506647




Address: TrevCo Music

P.O. Box 4

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My Compositions

By clicking the works with the blue text,

you are linked to one of my other sites where the composition is performed.

Works for 1 Instrument

Raginato for Solo Violin 1976

Nocturne for Flute solo 1976

For the modern picture for Bassflute 1977

Deux petites libertés for Altoflute1977-78

Aubade for Harp solo1979

Catacombes for Organ1980

Premier solo pour jeu de cloches 1980

Little Suite for piano-solo 1988

Petite suite pour trombone-tenor seul 1988

3 Suite for Bassoon solo 1988/89

Dostojevskij-Variations for Piano solo

Intrada Quasi Tango Melancolia e Finale for Bassoon Solo 2000

Twelve Virituoso Studies For The Professional Bassoonist for Bassoon solo 1993/2003

16 Studies For The Orchestra Bassoonist 2006


Works for 2 Instruments

Pour violon et piano 1976

A Spanish night for Oboe and Harp 1978

The old Castle in Chinion for Bassetthorn and Tape 1978

6 Duos for 2 Contrabassoons 1979

Nocturne for Bassoon and Piano 1979

Réflexion for Bassoon and Harp 1979

Air et Petite scherzo for bassoon and harp 1979

Poéme for Bassoon and Harp 1980

Meditation for Violin and Harp1980

Legend for Clarinet and Bassoon1980

Aventure for Tuba and Piano1980

Hommage á André Jolivet for Ondes Martenot and Piano1980

Hommage á André Jolivet version also for Altoclarinet and Piano1980

Scherzetto for Tuba and Percussion. 1981

Novelette for Flute and Harp 1981

Store Gud for Trumpet and Organ 1982

2me Lyrisme for English horn and bassoon 1982

Three Pieces for Toby the Tuba for 2Tubas 1983

Divertimento for Bassoon & Accordeon 1984

Lento for Basstrombone and Organ 1985/98

Coffe-Tango for Bassoon and Piano 1989

Coffe-Tango version for Bassoon andMarimba 1989

Small Suite for young Bassoonists for 2Bassoons1 989

Timisoara,Sakral meditasjon-- for Bassoon or V.Cello and Organ 1989/1990

Sonate pour flute et piano : A memoire Olivier Messiaen 1989-92

Lacrimosa for Horn andOrgan 1991-93

Sonata no.1(Baroque Sonata) for Bassoon and Piano or Harpsichord 1994

3 Stages of My Life for C-Trumpet and Piano 1995

Jürgen K :A Tribute to a "Cool" Friend for Bassoon and Piano 1996

Second Sonata for Bassoon and Piano 1996/1999

Christ at Via Dolorosa : A Religious Poem for Bassoon and Piano 1998

Concerto for Bassoon and Tape 1998/99

3 Nocturnes for Bass oboe(to low B/b)or Heckelphone and piano 1982/2000

3 Nocturnes for Bass oboe and piano : Version for Bassoon and piano 1982/2001

3 Nocturnes for Bass oboe and piano : Version for English Horn and piano 1982/2001

Third Sonata (Sonata Classica) for Bassoon and Piano (Or Cembalo) 2001

Fourth Sonata( A.K. in memoriam) for Contrabassoon or Bassoon and Piano 2001

“Kumoi Kudan, Masahito Tanaka in Memoriam” For Bassoon and Piano 2002

“A prayer for New York 2001” For Bassoon and Synthesizers. 2002

“Fantasia” for Flute and Synthesizers.2003

Grand Polonaise Romantique for Bassoon and Piano. 2005


Works for 3 Instruments

Trio for 3 Bassoons 1979/99

Stylistic Contrasts for Flute Clarinet and Bassoon 1980

"Library Fanfare" for Oboe,Clarinet and Bassoon 1985

Trio pour 3 trombones 1986

1er suite for Clarinet trio.Clar in B/b -Bassclar.-Contrabassclar. 1986-87

Vocalise for 2 sopranos and piano 1989

Vocalise version for 2 bassoons and piano 1989

Grand Trio Concertant:Three pictures of Odd Nerdrum. for Oboe Bassoon and Piano 1991

"My Time"12 poems by Charles R.Bergesen for Narrator,Bassoon and Piano 1993


Works for 4 Instruments

Tango for 4 Bassoons 1980

Grand Waltz for 4 bassoons 1980/98 (1st movt. from Suite Lite)

Quartet for 3 Bassoons and piano 1999

Tangouleme for 4 Bassoons 1999 (3rd movt. from Suite Lite)

Concerto Grosso Con Tromba for Trumpet 2 Oboes and Bassoon


Works for 5 Instruments and more

Small Fanfare for Brass and Percussion 1976

Fanfare for Brass and Percussion1979

4 Pieces for Trumpet ensemble 1982

Tango Eccentrico for Violin,Panflute, Guitar,Piano and Contrabass 1986

La Stingas for Bassoon and Stringquartet 1986-87

La Stingas version for Solobassoon 3Bassoons and Contrabassoon.1986/2002

4 Suite for Brass quintet 1989

Septet for Bassoon,Contrabass and Percussion 1993-94

Concerto Grosso for Vibraphone,Marimba,Timpani solists and Perc.quintet 1994/95

Concerto Grosso, version for 8 bassoons 2 contrabassoons and Perc.trio 1994/2004


Works for Choir

Ave Maria for Female Choir 1989

Idyl for 4-part Mens Choir a cappella 1990

Trois Images : 3 Images of Christ for Female Choir 1984/2004

Opening Fanfare for Girls Choir and Brass 1989


Works for Solo Instrument and Orchestra

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra 1979

Hommage à G. Fauré for V.Cello and String Orchestra 1985

Romance for Violin and String Orchestra 1985

Concerto for Bass Trombone(or Tuba),String Orchestra and Timpani 1987

Timisoara,Sacral Meditation for V.Cello and String Orchestra1989

Concerto da Requiem for Horn and Orchestra 1991-92

A.Vivaldi : Concerto in do minore no. 40 per Fagotto, Archi e Cembalo 1994

Bassoon Concerto no 3 for bassoon and Oboe Quintet. 2005


Works for Orchestra

Quartetto per un violon solo : Fanfare for Orchestra 1827/1979

4 Poems for Orchestra 1983

Stomperud-marsjen : March for Concert Band 1985

3 Town Portraits : Concert Overture for Orchestra 2003


Works for other Instruments

106 Meditations for Synthesizers.


From My Bassoon Repertoire

You can listen to several of my solo performances at this web site: